Wanting to repay a kind man in the lift at the Sandman Hotel…

I met a Scottish man by the name of John McDermott, in a lift at the Sandman hotel about 10 weeks ago. He told me he was a musician who sang Irish music. He said his family where originally from County Donnegal in the Irish Republic. I mentioned my experience of County Claire,  and that of living in bonny Scotland. (I’m an Englishman with a passion for British culture including that of the Gaelic folk music).

This kind man offered me free tickets to his concert, but I had to decline, as I was revising for a airbrake endorsement test. This kind man gave me a CD of his and refused my attempts to pay him for it! (Very kind).

However, i have been brought up to repay acts of kindness. After making enquiries, I’ve found his website, which has led me to this website of McDermott house. I’m so glad to have made this discovery as ‘being an ex serviceman’ (former Royal Marine) I am obliged to repay this act of kindness with a donation.

Thank you so much for your act of kindness and i wish you every success for the future. Best of luck with this charity foundation.

Shaun Halliwell, Wigan, UK