This Texan cares…

I live in Texas, but I am a donor to McDermott House Canada. That’s one way I can thank the men and women who fought and still fight for my freedom and those who have protected me and continue to protect me from harm.

John’s concern for veterans and first responders has not only rubbed off on me, but also has brought back memories of my childhood. To me, WWII is still THE WAR, because it became the center of my life from age ten to fourteen—formative years. Life changed for everyone. We did what we could for the war effort, and we did without when necessary. I don’t remember any grumbling. I do remember praying for our men and women in the service of our country.

During those war years, when we heard convoys driving through town, my cousin and I would run to a close main highway to watch them. We saw different kinds of trucks and many open jeeps carrying young men. My memory tells me they were always Army troops. I can still picture the khaki color of the vehicles and military uniforms.

Just two young girls, we waved until the last vehicle passed. The soldiers never failed to smile and wave back.

I’ve now made many trips to Canada and Florida to attend John’s concerts. One of my fondest recollections is when I had the privilege to attend a Christmas Concert at MHC. Not as lengthy or as fancy as a regular concert, it was most impressive. John’s calling patients by name and patients freely requesting aloud their favorite songs touched my heart. It confirmed the closeness between John and the audience from K-Wing.

I hope this reminds everyone to say thanks and do what they can to help our veterans and first responders.