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Veterans and First Responders in the media.

Sat, Sep 13, 2014
... hanging from multi-coloured ribbons on dark blazers worn by Canadian and French Veterans and military personnel in dress uniforms with medals.
Via: Veterans Canada
Fri, Sep 12, 2014
National Property Inspections, Inc., values veterans for their military service and has ... in the United States or in Canada.
Via: Veterans Canada
Thu, Sep 11, 2014
Cadets placed flameless candles on the gravestones of about 11,000 men and women who served in the Canadian Armed Forces and are buried in ...
Via: Veterans Canada
Thu, Sep 11, 2014
Seventy-five years to the day after Canada joined allied forces to fight in the Second World War, local surviving veterans were given a special honour ...
Via: Veterans Canada
Wed, Sep 10, 2014
Minister MacKay was at Royal Artillery Park Officers' Mess in Halifax, the oldest military mess in Canada, to present the first Nova Scotia Veterans with ...
Via: Veterans Canada

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