Bill Ballard

Bill Ballard was a very generous person.

He never sought attention from his generosity, a lot of which came to light after he died.

Even though he never sought recognition for himself, we, his friends, have an opportunity to honour his memory by raising $100,000.00 to name a room after him at the palliative care facility at Sunnybrook Hospital as part of the efforts of the McDermott House Canada charity.

All donations carry a 100% tax receipt.

Thank you for your consideration.


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The heart of palliative care is compassion. With expertise in pain and symptom management, and working from a holistic perspective, the interprofessional team at McDermott House Canada’s Palliative Care Unit in the Veterans Centre will provide comfort and care to enrich the quality of life for those who are at the end stage of a terminal illness.

To assist with this, the creation of more private rooms will ensure family privacy, as well as the ability to meet the needs of the patient individually. Each single room will have their own satellite TV, their own private washroom, as well as additional accommodation for a family member to stay overnight.  All of the rooms will have the ability for families to add their own personal touches, like family photos and children’s artwork.   Rooms will also have Wi-Fi which allows both patients and their family members to facilitate communications with relatives and loved ones who are unable to visit or live out of the country.